In today's world, a healthy lifestyle can be difficult to maintain. With fast food restaurants on every corner, busy schedules, and the never ending newest fad diet, it is overwhelming. Our goal at Powell Performance & Nutrition is simple- to provide high quality coaching to aid in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If that is something you are seeking, you are in the right place.



My name is Cade Powell and I am happily married to my wonderful wife, Chastin and proud dad to Oli! I am a Lubbock Christian University alumnus with a degree in Exercise Sport Science. I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA, I have a Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR) Level 1 certification, and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 (Pn1) certification. I have experience creating training programs for collegiate athletes, professional athletes, functional fitness athletes, stay at home moms, friends with mental disabilities, general weight lifters, and many others. All my life, sport has been my passion. As I have grown older, I recognize the need for a focused and intentional relationship with food and exercise in order to have a healthy lifestyle. I believe training should be fun and contribute to living a better life. Not every workout or nutrition plan fits every person or their goals. Some people want to run a 6 minute mile, some want to lose 150 pounds, and some want to be able to run around and pick up their grandchildren. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, I can help you achieve and maintain those goals! 





This option allows you to receive personalized nutrition coaching & exercise programming designed specifically for you. A premium membership allows text/call coaching with Cade for questions and Zoom calls as needed for check-ins. We believe change takes time, so our premium membership is a 3 month program, followed monthly as you desire. This is ideal for people who have specific goals, may have a history of injury they need to work through, or athlete preparing for the next level of competition.

  • Personalized nutrition packet & coaching

  • Open communication with Cade as needed

  • Video feedback as desired

  • Scaling options for movements

  • Personalized programming to meet goals

  • Healthy carb, fat, and protein shopping lists

  • Help with all things related to life- stress management, sleep hygiene, and anything else that is prohibiting you from your goals.

  • Monthly and three-month payment options

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Our goal at Powell Performance is to serve as many people as possible. As the competition level rises across all sports, the importance of building a solid foundation has never been more important. Our goal is to teach your son/daughter how to master the basic movements they will see in any weight room. We want to increase their physical abilities, help them gain confidence, and make sure they are prepared as they step into the weight room as a middle school or high school athlete. 
We offer 1-on-1 coaching or group coaching so your child can bring friends and have fun while training!



The entire goal of Powell Performance & Nutrition is to step into your life and help make the changes you need. Different people have different needs, and so we meet you where you're at. Cade checks in with each client every Friday, and alternates weekly between a Zoom/Facetime call and text. Clients are always welcome to reach out as needed throughout the week for any questions or help.



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My name is Drew and I can’t recommend Powell Performance enough! I recently started lifting weights for the first time in my life and after 6 months of training, I wanted someone who really knew their stuff to guide me further. Cade worked with me for 90 days and made a world of difference. First and foremost, he met me where I was. At the very beginning he asked me what my goals and expectations were and didn’t force anything else on me. We live two hours apart, but I learned remote training was actually super easy! He loaded my workouts in an app, sent me videos explaining proper exercise form, and checked in weekly to see how things were going. The process was simple and convenient. He was consistently available for any questions, workout changes, dietary strategies, and so much more. His style of coaching would be effective for anyone. The teenage athlete, the professional, the newbie and the veteran. On top of all of that, he is a solid dude. He is a people person who has a very educated lane, but doesn’t make anyone feel small for running next to him. Do yourself a favor and message Cade! 

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